Monday, March 1, 2010

Double Time

Duality is something I know well at Old Westbury Gardens. In my case, I am new yet seasoned at the same time. I am the veteran and the probie. But much more than that, I am the lucky one.
While entering my second spring at the Gardens, I find myself in a very different role than the first. In 2009 I had the honor of filling the position of Seasonal Assistant in the Walled Garden. I worked alongside the best and the brightest minds whose knowledge and talent were eclipsed only by their caring touch and expert eye. Becoming a part of a Horticulture team so strongly devoted to their craft was a great reward. Very few careers rival maintaining a living masterpiece like the Walled Garden. Or so I thought.
In my role of Environmental Educator I can bring that passion for our House and Gardens to children, school groups, and Scouts alike. When the first students of the season bound from the big yellow bus this spring I will see their wide smiles. Along with spring annuals and perennials, sheer excitement grows in our acres. Having a hand in the Environmental Education Department and creating an enthusiasm about the outdoors has easily become second nature. For this opportunity that OWG has given me I am grateful.

And I am realizing I am not alone in this. Everyday I witness first hand complete dedication from our staff. There is an overwhelming willingness to contribute here. Be it a Gardener that gives of him/herself to the landscape, a friendly voice on the phone who goes above and beyond to answer your inquiries, a creative mind who thinks of a way to better serve the local community, or a Director who sees promise in someone and allows them to grow beyond what they believed possible.
Please know that your dedication is not in vain. We too love this gem. And whether we are of the House or Grounds (or both!) we strive to bring you the best Old Westbury Gardens can offer. We ask only that you take advantage of our brilliant spring landscape and programming. Believe me, you will reap what you sow. Sometimes two-fold!

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