Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Luck Garden Explorers

Friday the 13th can sometimes be lucky!
This Friday, August 13th saw the finale of the 6 week summertime session of 2010 Garden Explorers at Old Westbury Gardens. The class of 15 garden detectives searched out the best wildlife that OWG has to offer. The course unearthed the communication of chirps, croaks, and buzzes, 6 legged beneficial neighbors, the underground world of worm friends, and more! The Explorers even sleuthed out the brush-covered abandoned polo gate that few everyday folks stumble upon.
A great highlight was a visit from guinea pig pets Fruity and Veggie for a little hands-on discovery.
Thanks to all Garden Explorers involved for your endless enthusiasm and thirst for adventure!
Good luck in the new school year from Old Westbury Gardens!

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