Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Into Friends and Family

Isn't it funny how a few drops on a rainy September morning can dash the memory of the dreaded summer sizzle from our brains? I can't help but celebrate this wet weather and crisp air as if it's the return of friendly face. It means coats and scarves and "sweaters" of a different kind. Fire pits surrounded by mugs of hot cider and the crunch of leaves on the walk to work. Tree spotted landscapes as art exhibits adorned with brilliant foliage to warm you on a chilly day. What's not to love out there?
One outdoor staffer always told me that he hated the fall. It was the end of the growing season and meant the snow and sleet and frigid temps of winter were on the way. Needless to say, the amazing benefits of an outdoor job don't always outweigh the drudgery of winter work on the horizon.
But many gardeners appreciate this time. It's a time to clean up and take away, to plan and plant. The perfect moments to "put your garden to bed" as they say.
We at Old Westbury Gardens are observing this entrance of autumn, not as an end, but as a fresh start and a time to make merry. Before the hustle and bustle of that big merry making season arrives...
We have thoughtfully arranged events filled with ways for you, our visitors, to enjoy these leisurely autumn days. Whether focused on music, wildlife, children, or the outdoors, there is something for everyone to see, hear, and do. So plant those bulbs, rake those leaves, and fall back into friends and family with Old Westbury Gardens this season.

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