Friday, November 12, 2010

Goodnight Gardens...

What's one spring flower that you can also find on your face?
Tu-Lips- Get it?!

Who doesn't love the spring flowers that Old Westbury Gardens has to offer? Tulips, daffodils, allium, and hyacinth are all a welcome sight after the long winter season. But what do those flowers do during the winter? Where do they go? Resting beneath the winter soil are flower bulbs waiting for the perfect moment to come to life.

Bulbs are an important part of the Gardens' springtime landscape. Thousands of bulbs are used throughout the almost 200 acres every year.

Join us this Saturday, 11/13 to help us say "Goodnight Gardens!". Little horticulturists will learn bulb basics, plant in our beds, and go home with their own bulbs to plant.

Saturday, 11/13

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Ron Mylar said...

That is the question and the answers even for them are awesome. It means we always carry this type of the flowers. And we should always smile with them.