Saturday, April 16, 2011

If these Westbury House walls could talk...

Thanks so much to Junior Girl Scout troop #3407 for visiting yesterday afternoon! 9 girls and their leaders listened to tales of Phipps family life over 100 years ago and chatted Local Lore to reveal even more of Long Island's local history. The troop studied early 1900's maps of the community to discover land changes that have taken place over the past century and brainstormed new ways to better our island in the future. Ideas like graffiti cleanup, park restoration, and even camera sensitive irrigation systems were hashed out! These big thinkers were more than strictly business... Take a look at a few fun shots below. Thanks again troop #3407, you zany leaders of tomorrow!


Marie Elaina said...

This past Friday we finished earning our family Living Skills Badge by attending the Local Lore House tour at Old Westbury Gardens. We had such a great time learning about the Phipps family and were fascinated by their beautiful home and all the interesting objects inside. We plan to return to the Gardens as a troop and on our own to enjoy this fabulous treasure right in our own backyard. Many thanks to Lisa for answering ALL our questions and teaching us about history. We look forward to visiting you again!
Junior Troop 3407 & their leaders

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michael said...

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